Words & photos by Rom Marcucci

With Icer Air on the docket tomorrow (check the live web cam here on Saturday (http://newschoolers.com/web/content/pagetemplate/name/streaming/page/icerair2008), Mother Nature has evidently decided to throw the throng of skiers that are in town for a loop.  Rather than cooling as expected this fall, San Francisco is in the midst of a heat wave, with unseasonably warm 75-degree days for mid-October. 

Headbands – check, stunnah shades – check, flat brimmed caps – check. The crowd getting ready to rock.

As night fell upon the city, locals surged from the warm streets into the tropical atmosphere of D-Structure.  The DJ’s blared while ski and city folk mingled drinking the brews, courtesy of Orage and D.  Trademark jammed out some tunes and people started dancing.  Jackets were won and skis were awarded.  Hunting Yeti came on, flickered off, and the taps started to struggle.  Suddenly, the crowd went from savage to sparse.  Those left were treated to some serious prizes including prints from the exhibit and an impromptu music session where the band was dancing amongst the crowd and the audience was banging away on their drums. 

The band Trademark through the crowd surrounded by skis

D-Structure isn’t just your average shop throwing your average party though. D owner Azikiwee is a self-proclaimed perfectionist.  He is trying to, “sell a feeling, not just have the right skis” and “working really hard to promote our community and make people feel a part of something bigger than themselves.”  This is where D-Structure excels. 

Yoni Mekuna is congratulated by D-Structure owner Azikiwee Anderson.

get your fly kicks and your 4FRNT's in one spot

Only in D-Structure is there a case of spray paint for graffiti artists next to a case of Smith goggles

Little-known fact: Beneath D-Structure in the bowls of the city is a distribution center three times the size of the store itself.

Though there was no Pollard artwork on the wall this year, there was still a gorgeous exhibit titled “Mass Transit” by Drummond Buckley.  The Buckley photographs and prose by Walt Whitman flow together examining how cities move.  Whitman’s century-old words prove timeless when bordered by Buckley’s photographs.

Corky, Luke, Jackie, Kasey, and Jason represent the Moment Crue. These folks are everywhere theses days.

Winner Yoni Mekuna and Erik Boone. Boone: The sexiest skis on the planet.

Ski brands like Moment, Line, Armada, Spacecraft, Smith, Orage, and others mingle freely on the floor with the city styles of Able, Heat, Correct, and Fresh Jive.  Art drips from the walls as beats pump from the speakers.

Art meet skiing, skiing meet art. You two should really know eachother better.

With last year’s Pollard opening and Idea premier going so perfectly, this year’s party wasn’t quite the same.  I’d like to take this moment to point out that we’re holding D-Structure to a higher standard here.  This opening party was far better than most ski shop parties.  The crowd was great, the music rocked, the house was packed and the bar was flowing and free.  This in and of itself should result in a great review.  However, last season’s party was something truly special, the kind of event you rarely have the pleasure to experience.  To use a timely analogy this time of year: when you’ve already hit a grand slam, even a triple can be disappointing.

People escaping from the heat inside

Regardless, anyone visiting San Francisco should take the opportunity to stop by this great shop at 520 Haight St.  And all those out there on the web should check out the brand new site, which conveys some of that same in-store vibe: http://www.d-structuresf.com/home.php

Ingredients for a great evening. Welcome to D-Structure and Icer Air.