Martha Burley takes the podium again at the Italia Freeride Cup in Trentino


Martha Burley, an Australian native now living in Fernie, British Columbia has returned to the Alps where she has spent many seasons to compete in the Italia Freeride Cup in Trentino. The event organized by “Scufons del Cogo”, is a group of passionate free heel skiers from Moena. This event is dedicated to freeriding, free heel skiing, great food and entertainment.


The format of the event is a timed run which is evaluated by a panel of judges and your time is lowered according to the judges' score. Martha found herself again pitted against alpine skiers and in a timed freeride run, speed would definitely favor those with heels locked down.



As in the Fernie event last month Matha was not having it and she cruised into first place on her 183 3Zeros taking yet another podium this season. The 3Zero was not designed specifically for telemark skiing but its shape, camber and flex have proven to be very useful to skilled telemarkers like Martha.



This week Martha will tackle yet another event which will inevitably be filled with alpine skiers, the Nendaz Freeride in Nendaz, Valais, Switzerland, March 12 - 17.


This year the Nendaz Freeride will be the final stop on the qualifying tour for The Freeride World Tour by Nissan. We look forward to seeing her skills put to the test at the big event on the Bec des Rosses in Verbier as the final of the Freeride World Tour