The 2019 FWT Champion, Markus Eder, is currently back home in South Tyrol, Italy. Like many of us, he's pretty much locked in the house. Italy is one of the worst affected countries, in the Covid-19 pandemic, I'll let Markus explain the situation in his homeland:

"The situation in Italy is pretty crazy, In Lombardy, the deaths have to be transported off from the army since there is no more space for the bodies and the crematories are not able to follow up their sad duty. Hospitals are completely overloaded with doctors and nurses needing to be on duty even if they picked up the virus. We are lucky here where I live. Only a few sick people in the close-by area but the look at Lombardy is terrifying so we’re definitely playing the game even tho the world seems alright here.

Markus has had to put his feet up

"Personally, as bad as it sounds, I’m actually enjoying the LockDown. I think I’ve never been switching off and detaching form everything as much as these days. I’m trying to follow the humanities fight against Convid-19 as conscious as possible and I’m curious about the environmental benefits evolving from this. Passing my time is no problem at the moment. We’ve plenty of things to do and it seems like the time is flying. Stay safe out there!!"

So even if you're in an area that's not been so affected, please obey the rules so that the situation doesn't get any worse and we can maybe even get a few springs laps in.