Mark Dvorak takes 1st in the second round of the Oregon Cup at Mt Bachelor

With $2000 in cash at stake, The Oregon Cup Open Class Bachy Solo Slope Style Comp went off!

Saturday's event was held under the Pine Marten chair. The music was bumping and participants were seen flipping and flying through the air, as covered by the Bend Bulletin. The course was freshly groomed and included three medium jumps, and a choice of either a 25 foot tall wall ride or a flat down rail at the bottom. The jam format allowed competitors to each get 5 or more runs in the alloted 2 hours, then each run was scored by our accredited judges, with the top 3 runs determining placement.

Saturday, January 24, 2009 - Open Class

Men Ski - 1st: ($500) Mark Dvorak, 2nd: ($250) Ari Delashmutt, 3rd:Dan Bruton

.Women Snowboard/Ski - 1st: ($300) Ashley Thornton - snwbrd, 2nd: ($200) Katie Williams - snwbrd, 3rd: Tori Koski - snwbrd.

Men Snowboard -  1st: ($500) Colin Clarke, 2nd: ($250) Josh Dodson, 3rd: JD Dennis