Photo Courtesy of Jay Peak Resort

Words: Erme Catino

I’ll be honest; the past two seasons have been the worst in terms of March snowstorms I have ever witnessed.  In 2009 Stowe mustered around 10 inches, and last year (2010) it was even less than that. 

So it goes without saying that recent history wasn’t in our favor this season, but in typical weather fashion the patterns changed.  Weather experts warned that while we may get some liquid blue in the mix, March and April should provide some snowy outbursts?do they have a crystal ball or something because they were right on this past week!

As the crowds dissipated this past Sunday, a rainy wet weekend miraculously turned into a winter wonderland.  Stowe Mountain Resort received around 2ft+, and Jay Peak a bit more, those who rolled the dice with work were rewarded and the locals chowed down on fresh pow.

Tonight we are expecting some more light snow, though Friday looks a little suspect…this is when you leave your house now and get up here!  March is starting to flex its muscles and hopefully we can stay in line for some more spring storms. 

As always if you need gear, we got you covered.