Terrain park fans rejoiced this morning as the Mammoth Unbound crew

opened the famed Super Pipe for the season. The slow start to winter

didn't stop the Unbound staff from putting over 350 cat hours over the

course of 8 days into building the Olympic-sized halfpipe, with added

help from Mammoth snowmakers.The Mammoth Mountain Super Pipe is

450 feet long with 18-foot high walls and 20 feet of transition, adding

to the variety of terrain features that have been in place since

Opening Day on November 9.Fourteen snow guns were focused on

the pipe for more than two weeks blowing snow at least 12 hours per day

to make enough snow to build the Mammoth Super Pipe. The pipe was then

cut by a Zaugg Pipe Monster – a unique machine that is one of just

three to be used by any U.S. mountain resort. The Super Pipe has been

cut in the same shape as competition halfpipes used for events such as

the X-Games and the Olympics.Mammoth is the only place in the

world where riders can find all three halfpipe sizes: Super,

Super-Duper, and Mini. All three are cut every single night, adding to

the reasons why Mammoth pipes are consistently rated number one.