Newschoolers' Review:

Who would I recommend the Vandal 2.0 for? Any of you out there that can only afford one pair of skis and have to deal with variably conditions throughout the year. If you live somewhere that only gets minor snow storms (1 foot or less) or just a few storms a year, these will work very well for you. They are a lot of fun hauling ass all over the mountain. Nimble in the trees, will last longer than your knees in the bumps, and I could not find a speed limit. If you want to leave your mark everywhere on the hill, these are a great option.-Lemuel

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Characteristics: Versatile, Floaty

Manufacturer's Description:

Need a pair of all-rounders for the park, slope and backcountry? There you go! Upgraded Vandal 2.0 gives you the feel of wood core, versatility, soft flex and enhanced carve abilities. They are wide, true twin tips with extra sidecut. Designed as two-dimensional hybrid featuring camber construction with elliptical rocker at the tip and tail.. While camber supports edge-hold, control, and cushions the impact of flat landings, the elliptical rocker improves the float and allows for an effortless all-terrain ride even in deeper snow. Buttering and pillows shredding have never been easier. Quick change from park to powder? Vandal will make this transition nice and smooth. Imagine mountains as a natural snow park.

Sizes: 170, 175, 180 CM

Dimensions: 130 / 92 / 130 MM

Radius: 18 - 20 M