PRE-ORDER your copy of Montage Inc's second film THE F IN LIFE. Wheewh, with a low snow year in the sierras, the Montage crew still managed to kill it. Soon to be recognized as the mammoth kids who destroy everything, Montage Inc brings you the same antics and creativity that some witnessed in their first movie, THE BACKGROUND. With more trips, more tricks, more cameras, and no budget the most arguable best pro and amatuer skiers take you through their life, THE F IN LIFE. Alright kiddies here is the deal with ordering the movie, since Montage Inc. has no budget we are basing the number of copies printed around the amount of movies that are pre-ordered. The ONLY way you can get the movie is if you pre-order it, so tell all your friends to pre-order it or get some buddies together and throw down on the movie then burn the shit out of it. We are taking pre-orders NOW from Monday October 1st until November 1st and that is the ONLY way you will be able to get the movie. Tell everyone you know, the movie will be $15 including shipping in the U.S. $17 with shipping to Canada, and $20 with shipping to Europe, thants right, Montage is doin it big this year in all continentsPeep the trailer at- at-