Words/Video:  Doug BishopWATCH THIS VIDEOOk, so I poached the course today.   I really wanted to ride it, and I figured that the best way was to do followcams.    It is a great poach, and it gets footage for you guys.  So yeah, watch that video above.   I'm practising up for the big day tomorrow, where I'll be doing followcams all day.  Henceforth why the footage above is crap.  Paul will be filming the entire contest, and chris shooting pictures.   We're going to give you guys a way to watch it.   We're not sure when it will be posted, becase really this whole NSTV thing has failed more than it's worked.   However, we're pretty sure that it's going to work, and if it doesn't, you'll just be able to download a video of the whole contest.   We're going to get it running, and have somewhere to watch it, and instructions will be posted the moment it's ready.    I think it will most likely be by the next day, but you never know.  Right now I am trying to get a quote from pete....   about the masters or something... whatever..."like short or quick... thinking?   The masters is a melting pot.   There's 10 different ski companies all different talents... drinking and having fun.  Mammoth needs more hot girls.  Socal should have more hot girls, like have you seen the OC?"Well, this update is a gong show, poorly written, and silly.   The masters is great like that, light and fun.