Went to Crested Butte this weekend yearning to ski a run in competitionI'd only seen Jesse Hall complete successfully. It's a gnarly 10 foot jumpturn into a 7x10 pocket with exposure and a terrible takeoff called"Robbin's jump". Day one led me to this line twice, and out of sheer luckI managed to make it successfully to the bottom on my feet. The rest ofthe competitors went off, skiing some of the best I've ever seen and Ibarely made top 10 after qualifying day. Finals day came and nobody wasfeeling quite on their game, but I managed to make 7th despite the heavycompetition and came in 10th overall in the telemark series. I'm alsopsyched to say that RMU am. athlete Alex Koukov jumped from qualifying in7th after day 1 with a sweet air, to 5th to finish the comp afterdestroying the always gnarly Staircase. Now it's time for school again andhopefully a bit more skiing!Luke