Lucas Wachs is now pro for Lib Tech Skis (which are thankfully no longer called Narrow Ass Snowboards). I had kind of assumed he already was, simply because he's the only rider of theirs you ever see, but that's by the by. I'm stoked for two reasons. Firstly, it's always good to see someone who's been killing it on the down-low get paid their dues. Although with appearances in the Sammy C Project and the upcoming Good Company movie 'Guest List', he's hardly an unknown, in the past he has never seemed to get the attention his skiing merits. While we're here, he's recently been on an expedition climbing the big volcanos of the northwest and shredding down them with a flair rarely seen at such altitude. Give it a watch and expect big things from the future, he's killing it. secondly, it's good to see what is ostensibly a snowboard brand persevering with skiing. With this announcement following on the tails of Parker White and Laurent DeMartin getting fully hooked up on 686, hopefully this could be the start of something that does both industries some good.