The mountain weather has changed a lot in the last week.  From February 25th through March 6th we have had quite a bit of snow roll into the Wasatch Mountains.  I have some great helmet camera footage that I am going to post as soon as I run through all of it, but in the meantime, here are some pictures from this last week!These first few pictures are from a pillow that Jeff and I found in LCC.  It got pretty much demolished.

Hand Drag 360
Another Hand Drag 3
nose-butter 360The next set are from a cliff band we found the next day also in LCC.
pillow cliffs
view from the top of the pillows
Scott Smith taking a line off the pillowsThis very last photo is from today.  It is a screenshot of a video from my GoPro.  This chute is called death chute.  The cliff on the entrance has some sketchy teeth on it.  After landing below this drop, I ended up clipping my ski on the rock on the right side of this photo, whch sent me into a double tomahawk.  My skis didn't come off and I was able to ski out of it, but it was somewhat scary for sure.  Video from this will be in my next update.
Death Chute Entrance