words and photos by Parker MillsThe Long Story Short premiere hit Boulder like a storm on Thursday, bringing in a huge crowd of enthusiastic jibbers.  Luke Van Valin, Craig Coker, Mike Clarke, and Tim Russel sat at the poster tables signing everything including several chests. The crowd then made their way to their seats only to have tons of free shwag thrown out to them. A raffle giving away goggles, sweatshirts, sunglasses and even two pairs of Dynastars skis followed.  Props go out to Luke Van Valin for manning the mic like the pro he is.The movie started off with another movie short from Freedle Coty’s Snow Blower productions “Bromuda,”  which was so good, and was a great introduction for the actual feature presentation of LSS.LSS started off in a machine factory with dominos and the like, and did not disappoint in the least. If one message was to be taken from LSS, it would be that skiing with a buddy is way more fun. The paired segments were off the hook; Steele Spence and Travis Redd had a great segment together that had great vibes and crazy rails. Colby West threw a sick zero truck driver, and also reminds us how painful skiing can be.  And if anyone is bored with rails this year and is in need of some ideas of what to do next, pay attention to Corey Vanular’s segment – ever wonder what a rodeo 990 would look like?By the end of the movie everyone in the building was ready to get out and hit the snow, but first the 21+ crowd headed over to Brewskis for the afterparty.Want to catch the Level 1 premiere in your town? Check out http://www.level1productions.com/events.php for the tour schedule.
Berman is thinking, "Why am I not in Hollywood yet?"
The male bosom is also accepted at the autograph table.
Craig Coker is still upset that they didn't name the movie House of Seven Corpses.
People knock themselves out over trinkets.
Van Valin is intrigued.