As if I wasn’t going to give the rest of the internet world a walk through of the newly renovated warehouse space. Without further a due we present the Saga Suppliers West Store and Warehouse, we hope you like it because we sure do. The space will be open Fri-Sun 12pm-9pm, we welcome everyone to come through.

For the Suppliers West Store we really tried to take the theme of early century industry in the inner mountain west area and flip our own interpretation and style of the era. Wood pallet walls and tables with a raw cement floor really do tie this store into the industry that surrounds it. This shop is no where near the beaten path and it continues the word of mouth philosophy the brand was founded on, build it and they will come…

Your Neighborhood Supply Co.

The modern twist on the space is found in the accents from the deep blue colored walls with white trims and lighting but nothing overly finished, a balance that really makes it come to life.

The Summer collection awaiting the anxious shoppers outside the door.

From the retail world on the left to work life on the right, we made a conscious effort to tie them closely together.

Office (clubhouse) row and the cookie monster.

Looking back towards the store.

Warehouse A is all business as you can tell.

And side B is the Summer collection in all its wonder.

Last but not least is customer service, they have no windows in their office along with no lives, gotcha!