Win Scott Motive Goggles and Scott Firewall Poles!!

For every bling-sporting, high-rolling pro, there's an underground hero somewhere, charging everyday on four year-old skis with blown-out edges. You know the type, the guy our girl who's out every day, regardless of conditions, who even the local rock stars look at and say, "damn, that dude rips!".

There's probably a handful at your home resort.

We're looking to expose the skiers who are out there killing it every day (or even every weekend) no matter who's watching. If you know someone at your mountain who's putting it on the line for nothing more than the love of the sport, give them the credit they deserve, but that they would never ask the ski reps for (If you're tempted to submit yourself... don't).

Send us a few paragraphs about how hard they charge, why they're fun to ski with, or how they inspire those around them. Be sure to accompany your story with photos and/or video footage.

We'll post submissions on In addition to getting some online coverage, both the winning athlete and his or her nominator will receive a pair of SCOTT MOTIVE GOGGLES and SCOTT FIREWALL POLES.

Winners to be announced April 30th.

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