Ok so here's how this will work. I'll be updating the blog throughout the telecast which starts at 9 EST. I'm new to the blogosphere and drinking so take it easy on me. Without further ado, here we go...8:36: Watching the Duke/Virginia Tech game. Duke is running the show. It always amazes me North Carolina, NC State, and Duke do so well in sports when they live on a street named Tobacco Road. 8:42: In honor of my good friend Digi Dave over at ozskier.com, I'll be adding a beer count to my posts. Beer Count: 18:50: Dad calls. He's excited we're going skiing at Whiteface this weekend. We haven't skied together in about 3 years. 8:55: First Sal Masakala sighting up the X-Games. What a douche. 8:56: Beer Count: 2 8:57: Why does ESPN run sporting events before X-Games? They always run late and I'm not interested in Duke or Virginia Tech. College Basketball should only be shown on ESPNU until March Madness. 9:00: These posts won't be as frequent during the actual event but as you can see I'm clearly bored. Just got this message from Jen: Jen: You just got your own tab, feel special. Thanks! 9:05: So while Chris, Doug, and Schmuck are away on business at X-Games, the US Open, and SIA, I'll be working on some great profiles so stay tuned to the news!9:06: Sal Masakela sighting part 2. That's a cute jacket ass clown. Looks like it's snowing, this should make for an interesting pipe comp to say the least. Time for snowmobiling.9:08: WTF! Racing, backflips, and killing the environment all in one event!?!? What are these people thinking? At least they're not still doing speed ice climbing.9:10: Rogers advances! I can't believe this event. What a shit show. Who wants to pull a backflip into a 60 mph speed chase? Someone is going to get hurt but fuck it, it's not skiers, and these guys signed up for it.9:12: Member Silence is looking for some hints. I'll give you these hints on who I'm profiling. One person is the roommate of someone I just interviewed recently. Another is a European breaking into the industry in a very unique way. Other than that I need to keep the other profiles secret until they're more concrete!9:14: Jen passed this gem along: italysoccer**** (9:13:45 PM): its lke a snowmobile clusterfuck. Well said. I blocked out the numbers so you kids don't go knocking down that IM door. Jen's informing it's member scratch4899:15: They're showing these profiles again this year which tend to be interesting for other sports but the ski ones are always shitty. I'm giving 3 to 1 odds on a Tanner vs Dumont feature tonight.9:17: I think having the name Levi automatically makes you destined to compete in an event like this. I bet his brother's name is Wrangler.9:19: He just said he tried to "Super size it" Way to go McDonalds nation! What do you think Jamie Little does when the X-Games aren't going on? We all know Sal is on the E! channel. I'm starting to worry about her. BTW Beer Count: 39:21: My friends called from a sorority. Sounds like a ripper is going on. Steve Martin? Where are they coming up with these names. Is Chevy Chase racing tonight?9:24: Thanks for the hype Sa set to Lupe Fiasco. Once again a little reminder. Schmuck is wearing the Oakley blue coat and is near the top of the pipe. Doug is holding Felix's flash and is probably wearing the blue Sunice or a very loud color. Look for the blonde hair. 9:26: Commercial. For the record I own a new Jeep Liberty and have never sang with a wolf while driving. ever.9:28: Sportscenter just relayed that Tom Brady didn't practice. I get the feeling this is the Pats way of fucking with my Giants. Super Bowl next weekend! 9:30: Frisby? You're killing me. Next up, Chevy Chase, Wrangler Jeans, and Slinky. These guys have terrible names. No wonder they're so good at snowmobiling. Also worth noting this snow is going to make for an ugly pipe meaning it's still anyone's game. 9:33: Uncle E and Mike Douglas! I'm calling Tanner to win still. Look at what he can accomplish. Also it's worth noting the various typos over at EXPN.com. Check out the Dumont Doctrine. It's an interesting piece by Dumont.9:36: This snowmobiling is too much. It really is. If they were playing Styx in the background my head would probably explode. 9:37: Levi! I like this guy. He makes me laugh. He says words like, "gnarly." Lets all try to bring that back.9:40: The movie Jumpers looks like this years, Snakes on a Plane. Followed by the nancy-est commercial ever. Snowboarders eating microwavable food. How original. Beer Count: 49:42: "We were gonna go over to the pipe but no..." My money is on Frisby for the bronze. 9:45: Is anyone still amazed you can do a backflip on something weighing 400 lbs? Frisby isn't going to win but we've still got Levi.9:47: Could you imagine if we did an event like this in skiing? Imagine Bode Miller vs Tanner Hall!9:50: LEVI! LEVI! LEVI! GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! Jamie Little is on hand. He seems genuine and "happy to taste gold." Two more snowmobiling events? looks like it's turning into the new motocross which is good because those guys were getting way too much play. Good for you Levi. Here comes the pipe!9:51: Mike Riddle. Glad this guy is getting some TV time after the year he had last year. TV went black. WTF. You can't do this to me ESPN. Good to see CR on hand with Tanner. I spotted one Empire hat next to Dumont. That guy I THINK is Riley Poor, his personal filmer. PBA commerical*Editors Note* I DO NOT listen to crappy music in my Liberty. It's awesome and after a week with Ahmet, I've been cranking Tupac jams. 9:55: Beer Count: 5. I need to slow down but my cable blacking out didn't help.10:00: We're back. Sal's talking like a jackass again. Let's make sure a skier gets a Liberty as I've got one and someone else deserves one. Give it to Tanner. Not Levi, even though he wins the "Richie Paradise Awesome Name Award" for the evening. Andreas is up. Lacking amplitude. Not interested. We're here to watch Dumont/Hall right? Both guys look like serial killers in there pictures.10:01: Dumont falls. Alex texts me, "Dude, how slow is that shit?" Shit show in progress.10:03: Tanner is winning this. I'm really happy for Darla. Tanner is the man. The drunk BS at IF3 was overblown. If you ever get a chance to meet him, you'll see why he's really an awesome guy and an amazing skier.10:05: I'm really glad Tanner mentioned some fallen friends. Again, he's the man.10:08: I'm really happy we're almost up to 200 views. Thanks everyone!10:10: Mike Douglas is awesome too. Try and meet him. Such a great guy. A little insider info. Simon's house in Summit County is sick. We watched a shit ton of 24 episodes. Peter is up. Meg, is awesome. Whiskey flip with a little bit of a grab!!! so awesome10:14: Schmuck spotting by csfetter. Yeah Dude! Colby in the bronze position. 10:15: 1260 on the first hit. Good for you Matt Hayward. Sad to see Jossi fall. He's a great kid too.10:20: Text message from Alex: Pete got robbed.10:23: Don't call Tanner the "Tan man" He's the whitest person in the sport besides the whole rasta thing.10:30: I'm done for the night. I want to watch this and get a little more drunk. Hope you enjoyed a little bit. Tomorrow night I'll try and set up another live blog with prizes. Tell your friends! Thanks again and stay tuned to the blog for some more hot ski action!Love,Rogge9:00 AM: Uhhhhh. What a night. Sorority chicks, a beer count I can't remember, and a few drunken text message I wish I could take back. To all the Simon haters, fuck off. To all the T-Hall haters, fuck off. Great night for pipe despite conditions. Dumont didn't have the run, Tanner did. If Dumont wanted his Gold back so badly he should of learned to spin the other way. Tanner progressed pipe last night. Dumont just went bigger.