If making your lips as big as Kylie Jenner's wasn't up your alley than we've got the challenge for you. Totally Trevor has your first nomination based right here, the Lip Blind 2 Challenge. It's pretty straight forward- go skiing, do a cool lip blind 2, then nominate three friends to do the same. Post yours on Newschoolers - and spread the good word.

Totally Trevor said it best-

"Remember how fun the original nomination videos were? (the drinking one, not all the other bullshit ones). Anywho, it was a cool idea, just about everyone I know including my parents ended up making nomination videos and they started to get real funny and creative. I suck at this trick, but a lot of other kids on the Internet don't. So let's see some steezy/creative/gnarly lip blind 2s! AND see if this can spread throughout the ski community!"