Welcome to this week's edition of LINKS! Some people are claiming there's way too many links in blog posts. For those of you that feel that way, don't read the following content and visit this site instead. Take that. Now, onto the links...This is really disturbing and a bad move by ESPN. Skateboarding vert has always been one of my favorite events to watch during the summer x-games (I'm lower casing their name because upper case is only reserved for Proper nouns and what their doing is far from "proper"). Where does ESPN stop? Will we see a version of the MEGA Ramp in Winter X effectively turning it into another JOI? I like that idea but not at the expense of pipe. Does ESPN not realize that killing pipe is effectively killing the avenue Tony Hawk took to become the face of skateboarding and action sports during the 90's? Add a new event. Turn X into a week long event. Pack it so full of kick ass events, concerts, and interviews that it'll make every 12 year old sippin' Mountain Dew's head explode. Plus, think of all that additional sponsorship money. I have no problem watching Simon Dumont and the gang battle it out in the Dorito's Superpipe sponsored by Boost Mobile, Chevy, and Toys R Us. Imagine Sal Masakela's facial expression when he gets his script and promptly says, "What-in-the-name-of-fake-dreadlocks is the "Hilary Clinton for US President Big Air sponsored by Gogurt?" Just a thought...-In other news, there's a man that's pregnant and no, not with emotion. As Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park would say, "Life will find a way"-JImmy Kimmel is back at it with another awesome video. This time he enlists the help of Sam Elliot and Richard Simmons. If you had told me these three guys would appear in anything together before the invention of internet video, I would've call you a liar and weirdo for putting Richard Simmons into anything.-As a die hard NY Mets fan, the thought of this scares the hell out of me. Karma is a bitch... Moving right along-While all of you guys were growing mustaches, my hunt for a job went south with this news. Seriously. How long can we continue to screw this up?-Wait a minute! This just in! Fat kids in America ARE doing something positive! Sure they don't have cavities. That's a nice claim to have as you're losing your leg to diabetes after completing your second triple bi-pass. "Sure, I've got one leg and can't breathe, but GOD DAMN IT, do I have a nice smile or what?" As George Carlin would say, "It's bullshit, and it's bad for you." -This site is quickly replacing Youtube as my favorite site to lose an hour in.-Not sure if you caught my Battle My Crew story. If not here is the link and another for the "behind the scenes" All in a days work folks.-UPDATE ON SECRET STORYWell not really, its still secret but I promise I'll release details when I can right here for you loyal readers. Here's a hint. (I promise its not a rick roll) Let the rumor mill wheels start churning!Not a whole lot of links this week as I'm catching up on a whole bunch of work I've missed. College. College. College. Stay tuned for some cool updates including a new segment I'm calling, "Friends with Real Jobs" Take care and keep on rockin'-Rogge