Words & photos by The Red Knight

The Loonies: Andy finds a magical roadmap leading to the Pacific Northwest; The TC van treks across black ice, packs of angry dogs, and gas station pizza to meet up with Cole Drexler and Max Hill before returning to the legendary Rail Gardens of Salt Lake City.

Ian Compton is back in the van. He’s also got a weird phobia of Vitamin Water.

Packing and re-packing the van happens a lot on TC trips. Be careful of stray dirty ski socks on the van floor that get into your own luggage.

Van-insomnia and it’s textbook “Crazy Eyes” sets in around hour ten across eastern Oregon.

Sämi Ortlieb brings Switzerland delicacies to the TC van dashboard.

“Are yall all-aboard, or are yall’ bored?” – TC van wall 

Team dinner at Mount Seymour.

More packing.

New skis!

This hotel lost power and things got really creepy.

Lots of dudes in the van. Lots of dude smells in the van.

Max on the Cole jam feature at Mount Seymour.


Line Traveling Circus Episode 4 Season 5 - The Loonies