When you think of Europe, images of the Eiffel Tower, or castles, like

the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein come to mind. Or perhaps the fact

that there are huge beers at Oktoberfest, and no real drinking age. 

European skiing conjures up images of the world cup circuit, or some

dudes in tights on cross country skis, with a high powered rifles on

their backs. However, things have changed, especially since the arrival

of LINE skis. The parks have become better, the level of comps, photos,

and filming, have also been taken higher and higher. It was my job, or

should I say, my duty, to find some of Europe's finest riders to keep

spreading the word... LINE is here, and we are not going away. These

members, selected for the Mountain Command, represent a special group

of individuals who truly amaze with their devotion into making skiing

what it should be... the coolest sport on the mountain! And here they


Patrick Hollaus

represents: Mayrhofen, Austria

Age: 20

Sponsors: Adio, Marker, Skullcandy, Lange, Whiteout, FS-Custom, La Resistance, Scott

Favorite Trick: switch cork 5 double nose

Marco "Stouni" Steinemann   

represents: Scuol/Engadin, Switzerland

Age: 22

Sponsors: Innippu

Favorite Style:  Freestyle and Freeriding

Leo Taillefer           

represents: Val d'Isere, France

Age: 17

Sponsors: Avalaan, Da Kine

Favorite Trick:  Switch 9 Double Shifty, with late grab

Nils Lauper

represents: Meiringen/Hasliberg, Switzerland

Age: 25

Sponsors: O'neill, Dragon, Eastpak, Sweet, Level

Favorite Style: Freestyle in the Backcountry

Tomas Guziur

represents: Beskydy / Mt. Ropice, Czech Rep.

Age: 22

Sponsors: Quicksilver, Da Kine

Favorite Style: Powder lines

Martin Bauer

represents: Zugspitz, Germany

Age: 24

Sponsors: SubIndustries, Utopia Optics, Marker, Bern, Troyan gloves

Favorite Style:  Anything that's stylie, as long as you have fun

Philipp Schump       

represents: Seegrube, Austria

Age: 21

Sponsors: Marker

Favorite Style: Smooth and easy

Rossitsa Mitova       

represents: Bansko, Bulgaria

Age: 20

Sponsors: Dragon optics

Favorite Style: Big Mountain

Jan Obdralek           

represents: Zugspitz / Ehrwald, Germany

Age: 22

Sponsors: Marker

Favorite Trick: Any smooth 5

Gaute Haaker           

represents: Oppdal, Norway

Age: 20

Sponsors: Avalaan

Jim JohansSon Wolf

Represents: Klappen in Sweden

Age 25

Europe Team Commander

Skye Darden           

represents: Nordpark / Lermoos, Austria

Age: 36

Sponsors: Adio, Planet Earth, Marker, Utopia Optics, Pow gloves, Viruz Skate and Snow,

Tattoos by Georg

Favorite Trick: Smooth 180 Safety Grab off cliffs

Other riders not listed: Gregor Unterdeckler, and the Brittish LINE team

If anyone is interested in joining our army, please contact me at skye@lineskis.com, or come to the 'back on snow' tour stops in Austria and show me your stuff.

See you on the hill,