So its been a busy season, and i've been on the hill pretty much every week shooting whether it be jib academy, NS PWNED and other events. It been a great time and ive had the chance to meet a lot of great people that are stoked on skiing just as much as i am, though of course not more. Hopefully we can do it again next season how much harder? This much harder I-------------------I instead of just this hard I---------I. Anyways the rest of this post we be a huge visual representation of the 2nd half of my season. Enjoy.

Jay M

This photo doesn't do this grab justice, grab of the season for sure! - Harrison C

Steezy Nick P

Them kids at Jib Academy MSLM


Jay M gapping like its nothing BIG

Hey... they support our ski industry


Most of the season was overcast

Scott x 10

My 2.8 doing its job - Sash L

First day of the Triple Challenge - 7 inches of snow in March

Quebecois Dom

Killa Bovilla -Salomon Canada's newest member

Jay "money" Irvine




Killa G

Great lighting none-the-less

Jay Peak Trip

Great look from Jay summit

I had a great time with riding and shooting with all you kids this season, hopefully you had a season to remember!


- Pippin Lee