Member Review:

They ski amazing all over the mountain in every condition. But when they get to open up in endless powder is when the magic really happens. Days upon days of rope drops and hiking for turns was rewarded ten fold by these skis. I felt like I could ski any way I wanted, wherever I wanted and however I pleased and the Origin would do it all, with no hesitation. - COloRADic

Characteristics: Quick turning, Stable, Versatile

Manufacturer's Description:

The Origin 116 has been turning heads and winning awards for the past three years. It is back and even better with a hard-carving mid section, softer, bomb rockered tip and tail, and geese. Carefully matched multi-radius sidecut and rocker mean that the Origin 116 is quick and easy turning., but still holds an edge on the harder stuff..

Sizes: 176, 182, 190 CM

Dimensions: 145 / 116 / 136 MM

Radius: 19-24 M