It's so much mellower then I expected. You know, skiing 9 months a year.

Carl and I are both East Coast boys with, when contained at our respective birthplaces, half that time on snow

during good years.

But really, so much mellower on the body then expected, skiing two seasons instead of one.


Check these pics of evidence of our extended season shot by our good friends, Dan Carr, Stewart Medford,

Sam Mcrae and Bryan Hughes.


Arena snowparks don't usually get it wrong and their work at COC on Blackcomb stayed true.

Sometimes everything feels like a trampoline. Other times it feels like hot bee stings due to the salt.

So just land on your feet.

Noses get so astonishingly crispy, so find a way to bury them away. Don beards and ninja masks. Sagging

goggles help. Visors. Clip shades in fanny packs. Flat beaks, too.


Oh Mr. Rayban is a rich man wherever he is.  

P.S Carl also has a ridiculous section in the ESK Movie "The Affiliates" which is premiering at

Garfinkel's in Whistler Village on November 5th. I saw it at IF3 and it deserved every award it got!

And check out because it's all really really good