Liam Downey Signs With KLIИT

Liam Downey is on the KLIИT program. "Skiing with Tanner Rainville, I got to see how stoked he was every day after slashing pow on his KLIИT's last winter, so for me this was a no-brainer," said Liam. "I have always been influenced by good people with good style, which is what KLIИT is all about...and they support my vision of skiing as both a sport and a stylistic medium, which is very important to me."

A favorite at Level 1, Downey is currently the go to veteran of their crew. With standout performances in his Forward debut and 2006's Long Story Short he never ceases to evolve, bringing progressive manuevers in the frontcountry of Minnesota, Rocky Mountain powder jumps, as well as his constant humor in Eye Trip.

The KLIИT team includes Tanner Rainville, Liam Downey, Brian Kish, Will Hibbs and Tyler Duncan. Who's next?