As I said when announcing the semi-finalists, judging SuperUnknown is seriously hard. The difference between making finals and semi-finals is often only a hairs breadth. It might simply be a particularly stomped landing or one moment of crazy style/creativity that makes the difference. And those same intangible elements that stood out to the judges in their decision making may not do the same for the viewing public. There is a good chance the edit you are most impressed by might be among the semi-finalists which is why you should all vote in the wild card poll to send your favorite semi-finalist to the finals shoot at Winter Park. The result of that poll will drop in a few days time. In the meantime, enjoy the incredible skiing (and the inevitable debate about judging) that follows, because SuperUnknown finalists week is one of the best audiovisual feasts on the ski calendar.

This article will continually update as the finalists are released throughout the week.


Hunter Hess

Rosina Friedel

Joel Magnusson

Sam Zahner

Simon Bartik

Calvin Barrett

Jacob Belanger

Jessy Desjardins

Remco Kayser

Parker Norvell