It's that time of year again; movie season is upon us! The teasers are about to start rolling in and the hype trains will be leaving the station until the premieres start and DVDs begin to ship.

Perennial powerhouse in the ski industry, Level 1, is taking a different direction this year in the way they are releasing footage prior to their premiere in Denver on Saturday, September 12th.

Josh Berman, head honcho at Level 1, discussed their plans on how they are going to be teasing us just a little bit differently this Fall. "This year we're changing things up from the traditional model of promoting the movie.... instead of teasing our 16th annual feature with just a trailer, we're offering 30 consecutive days of Instagram clips, including action, behind the scenes, and everything in between. The clip series kicks off today and will conclude with our world premiere in Denver on September 12. Follow along as we tease our film daily at @Level1 on Instagram!"

Stay tuned; I'll be updating this daily with the new clips!

Will Berman

About Small World:

Go out into the world, they say... see it for yourself!

But in an age where any destination is in the palm of your hand- just a click away, what is left to truly explore?

Level 1 examines the universal dialect of moving down snow on two feet through a lens of fresh perspective- documenting the outer niches of a sport pushed under the rug by the modern day ski zeitgeist.

From the secret valleys of Switzerland, the ancient cities of Estonia, to the rowdy rope-tows of Minnesota- follow us around the globe as we capture skiing in its purest form. It's a Small World, after all.


Will Wesson, Tatum Monod, Sämi Ortlieb, Will Berman, Mitchell Brower, LJ Strenio, Shay Lee, Sandy Boville, Khai Krepela, Noah Albaladejo, Wiley Miller, Tanner Rainville, Duncan Adams, McRae Williams and friends.

Shot on Location in:

Japan. Boston, MA. Andermatt and Grindewald, Switzerland. Utah. Finland. Estonia. Midwest. Whistler Blackcomb. British Columbia. Alaska.

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