The filming has wrapped on Level 1’s best season ever and the editing room door is locked for the rest of the summer as we prepare to bring you our biggest and best film to date. Filmed in Stereo Panavision entirely on location in Eastern Canada, High Five promises to be a rollercoaster skiing epic that can't be missed.

In this latest directorial effort from Josh Berman, High Five contains a medley of hungry skiers, crazy tunes, and a super fresh ski film vibe, combining to what will undoubtedly be the "feel good ski movie of the year."

A quick recap of Level 1's fifth season with some of the exciting new faces and veteran skiers involved with High Five...

- Introducing Charles Gagnier: One hell of a bitchin rider! Charles is from Quebec and loves to tweak grabs. Check his segment and help us help him figure out which way he naturally spins.

- Introducing Travis Redd: Made in Colorado. T. Redd worked harder than Martha Stewart's lawyers last season and made sure to get some nice powder jumps and gnarly rail antics for his feature.

- Introducing Austin Ramaley: Started filming in late February in snowy Utah, and it went from there very quickly. Watch out for this terribly consistent and stylio skier.

- Introducing Luke Van Valin: An 8-foot moray eel in Hawaii once bit most of his arm off! He has made a miraculous recovery, and when not hunting the rare silver fox in Aspen, he can be found slaying the Cali backcountry like few others ever have.

- Introducing Dylan Hood: This East Coast native umped around in the rearcountry of Wyoming and Mt. Hood to score some great shots.

- Introducing Corey Vanular: This mellow 16-year-old kid from the East may be the best pipe skier in the world. And he’s really good at other stuff too.

- Introducing Craig Coker: Coker lives in California and looks surprisingly like a llama.

- Reintroducing Jon Kozody: After being denied access into the United States border, he somehow managed to shoot some madness at Jackson Hole and the Montana backcountry. Watch him try to get deported by hucking himself off 90 footers.

- Emil Coty: Filmed a medley of frontcountry handrails and high fived some crack bums in Reno, Nevada. You'll see it.

- Dave Crichton: It was a sleeper filming year for Hot Dog DC. But mind you he is the Tom Penny of skiing.

- Liam Downey: Held it down on kickers, ventured into the field of tree bonking, and then broke his ankle off in Tahoe. Or got broke off in Tahoe... whatever.

- Simon Dumont: Sooooo sick on street rails. Likes to go big and beat on inbred New England children.

- Pete Olenick: This Idahoan Tahoe backcountry jump slayer was once denied access into the United States. ? wrong info on Pete, but he did some great filming with L1P when not picking out technicolor outfits to match his latest hair dye blunder.

- Steele Spence: Kicked it on some cool stuff. A well rounded shredder brings you one of his better segments in decades!

Also in the mix look for: Tanner Rainville, Matt Philippi, Travis Heed, JP Solberg, Stefan Thomas, and more!

High Five drops September 2004.

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