The much awaited trailer for Level 1's upcoming movie 'Pleasure' has finally been released from the confines of their calendar and made available for the viewership of the uninitiated.

"This teaser makes me moist." - Jamie Walter

From this point on the hype starts for the premiere tour and the full release. On which note there are a few big things to tell you about. Firstly, Level 1 will be partnering up with none other than Good Company for their premiere tour this year. In addition Level 1 are running a couple of competitions alongside the premiere tour, one for promoters and one for you lot:

Grand Tour Giveaway

From September 10 to mid-December, Level 1 will host an email gated sweepstakes on their website. Enter to win the incredible grand prize... a pair of heliskiing days at Eagle Pass, Canada. There will also be bi-monthly swag-prizes from their tour partners. The url to the sweepstakes entry form will be shared on the tour-screener pre-roll and on social channels throughout the digital ski community.

Tales of the Tour Promoter Contest

'The Tales of the Tour Contest' gives promoters a chance to show off their event and win big for doing so. Tour promoters will be judged on premiere photos submitted to Level 1, the amount of email entries to our tour giveaway contest submitted from their screening, an event recap uploaded to NS (you're going to want to get hyphy to standout), social media presence and overall hype of the event. The top three promoters will win prizes/swag. The winning promoter will win swag and receive a free license to show the 2017 Level 1 film.

Add all that up, and joint premieres will mean you get to binge on two of the biggest movies of the year all at once come fall. The incentive for promoters to go wild with their events means you most likely get 'white girl wasted' with your crew at the afterparty and if you can keep enough of your brain intact to remember your own email address, you might even end up winning a trip to go heliskiing. Doesn't sound like a bad way to pass the time before snow falls to me.