Level 1 premieres never disappoint. If you've been to one in the past you'll know how incredible the atmosphere is in the theater. Skiers packed shoulder to shoulder in the pit, kids from all over the Rocky Mountains gathered to see one of the most hyped films of the Fall and nothing but good vibes.


The pre-showing entertainment consisted of the pro signing session complete with shot skis, and too many free drinks to count. The stoke from kids meeting their favorite pros was palpable. Premieres are a beautiful part of the warm up to ski season, get down to as many as you can!

The general consensus on this year's movie seems best summed up as "this is the best movie that Level 1 has produced since Eye Trip and if you don't buy it when it goes on sale, fuck you." Twig, claimed that last year with Small World but I reckon this has it beat.


Ben Smith PSA

The segments, broken up mainly by location, were both unique and exciting. Magnus and the Bunch crew absolutely killed it in Russia, there are a whole host of 'never-even-been-considered' tricks in their segment. Thayne Rich is a hell of a newcomer who absolutely slayed in the ender segment, not to mention his standout performance in Vice Versa, what a breakout season!

But the highlight of the show? The narration. Certainly not your run of the mill, ski movie commentary. Level 1 mixed a perfect amount of humor and information which made for a really cool cinematic experience. We'll have a full review coming on NS soon, but in the meantime, trust me this is one worth ordering here.

Photo Highlights below courtesy of Grant Whitty (@GrantWhitty)