In previous years around this time i’ve taken a look back over the year and put together a number of images to sum up what i’ve been doing over those 365 days. I’ve decided to skip that style of post this year as my recently released new website does a pretty good job at showing some of the highlights of the year.

Saying that, i thought it would be nice to show you something as we move into the new year. During the last 12 months i’ve been lucky enough to spend a whole bunch of time with Level 1 productions putting in some serious mileage on the way. With their recent movie now released a photo slideshow of mine came as a bonus feature on the DVD and also the Itunes download. I haven’t put the slideshow online myself until now so i hope you enjoy a few of my shots i’ve compiled along the way.

With one pre season trip to Sweden already in the bag, i look forward to this next one. I’m off to Switzerland tomorrow so if another blog post doesn’t make it before new year, have a great new year and i’ll see you soon out on the snow.