At the beginning of every season, the first shots are often

urban shots. But, when one lives in…….. the woods, it takes creativity to GTS (Get

the shot). These past few days the CS films crew, including myself, has been

hitting some cool features in and around Bingdale NY. A little background on

Bingdale: Bloomingdale or bingdale has a population 20 of beer drinking, firefighting,

baseball loving hicks who live in the middle of nowhere. This is where the fun

begins. This session involved jibbing a chain link back stop with a little

sniper landing for some pretty scary transfers.

The second feature we hit was a

super poppy jump in the corner of the dugout on the away team side.  And we all got some shots, thanks Jake Sporn!!

Over all the night was a huge success.

Check out CS films for the footage!  Looking forward to start hitting jumps again in

the near future hopefully we can bag some shots.