We live in a “more-is-better” society.  Always striving for bigger houses, more land, more things, and as photographers, more gear. It’s a trap we all get stuck in.  Seeing that new piece of gear that we look at and tell ourselves, “I’d shoot more if I had that,” or “My shots would be so much better with that piece of gear.”

(Natural Light, Nikon D300 with 10.5mm fisheye)Sure, some gear will enhance your shots, especially if you know how to use it.  But will it really make you a better photographer?  Will it make you shoot more than you do now?  That’s an almost definite “no”. The will to shoot does not come from new gear.  The search for the perfect shot is a quest you will never complete, and new gear certainly won’t get you there.So instead of thinking that more is better, try to create something amazing with what you already have.  Use the tools that are currently at your disposal and be happy shooting with what you’ve got.   It’s better to keep practicing technique and work on your lighting setups, then to go out and buy a brand new flash just so you can have more flashes.  For the most part, one-two solid flashes will do the job for almost any professional shoot.Don’t let your gear be a limiting factor on what you can and cannot shoot, be creative and work hard with what you’ve got.  You don’t need a new camera every time a better model comes out.  Try skipping a generation or two.  I guarantee you’ll still be capturing amazing shots!So get out there!  Don’t wait for that new piece of gear, or the money to buy it.  Capture amazing images with what you’ve got and be happy with it!