This year Völkl have partnered with Legs of Steel to produce a 20-minute backcountry flick, putting a stacked crew on their new Revolt 121 and stacking shots around the globe has given us a compact powder-filled feast. The movie premieres online on Newschoolers tomorrow, so we thought we'd give you a quick pre-review to whet your whistle.

The film opens with a display of the prototypes of the new ski and with the film being called 121 and the ski being an integral part of all segment transitions, it’s clear that this is an extended promotional video as well as a ski movie, but that doesn’t stop it being awesome.

The opening segment boasts some finely shaped, and very large, booters, the filler is well balanced among the hammers and the vibes are good. The aerial shot of the tent pitched right next to a jump that was shaped well into the night might be one of my favorite stills in a movie to date. Markus Eder shows that his progression from Olympic slopestyle skier to FWT master has left him with some unbelievable BC style, with a dub 10 mute tweaked to perfection. Markus opens this film with a bang. As a massive fan of Tom Ritsch’s skiing, I was very excited to see what he could lay down in the backcountry, his axes are still some of my favorite. We are treated to a full showcase of these here. Paddy Graham, a veteran of the game, drops the biggest send of the film here too… but I won’t spoil that one. The song choice, angle selection and editing in this segment are nicely done and provide a really strong opening to the film. Ahmet Dadali’s impressive cameo in this segment proves the old adage that quality reigns over quantity.

Markus getting his tweak on

121 is a strong offering from the Völkl team, great skiing, and well-balanced editing make it an easy watch. I did feel occasionally that it was missing something. Maybe it’s the lack of park and street that didn’t sit quite so well as a park skier, maybe it's so cleanly shot that it missed the mark a little on creating the, “I want to go skiing now!” feeling. Both are understandable. A launch movie for a powder ski was never going to feature street shots.

The trip to Japan though, definitely gets the wanderlust going and has top crew vibes running throughout. The segment starts strongly, fast-paced slashy pow runs and big sends into pillow-soft landings are what dreams are made of. The abundance of nosebutter threes really gets me going. The shots are well cut and the soundtrack fits well although I found the slo-mo pow shots became a little indulgent towards the end, this segment definitely starts stronger than it finishes.

Bonus feature: super rare shots of Ahmet skiing with poles are also thrown in here for good measure.

Deep days with Dadali

From here, the film really opens up, Tanner Rainville crushed every Swiss spine in his way and the whole crew is firing on all cylinders. Tom stakes his claim for opportunities to shoot a whole load more outside the park. It’s great to see the Völkl team get behind Markus at the Verbier stop of the FWT, with a stomp to rival the aforementioned shot from Paddy. This aside is then followed by a crash reel, which everyone loves, making all these awesome skiers seem human again for just a minute. Bene Mayr managed to escape one of the more puckering avalanche scares I’ve seen and the audio from the radio is included which manages to convey that heart in mouth feeling we all fear when we cross the boundary rope. Colter Hinchcliffe flies a little under the radar but posts some bangers throughout, I think his pillow line is my favorite shot for both the skiing and filming.

121 did sell me the new Revolt pretty hard but left me wanting more too. The main positives for me in 121 were; the hype and love the crew shared throughout which shines through phenomenally, the variety in both skier style and location selection, and some very smooth editing. The final verdict it that 121 ticks almost all the boxes if pow skiing is your thing, so get stoked for that 24-hour free launch tomorrow! Don't miss out.