Many, MANY times have I witnessed newbeginners in skiing go for the big tricks at once they start skiing. Wether or not we are talking trampoline or skiing, it all comes down to this: “Learn the basics before you try the big stuff” Eventhough many skiers may know how to do doubles etc, doesn´t mean they know how to do every single trick in the book. In most cases, basics are rarely perfect.

That´s why todays topic from my side is to learn the basics! Many of the basic tricks on trampoline, is underrated tricks. They might seem easy to perform when you see them, but as a matter of fact, many of them are hard as hell!! (My opinion)!.

In this video I´m trying to show you some of the basics that might be fun to learn. You might actually realize that some of them isn´t as easy as you think! Give it a try!