Laurent DeMartin is low-key one of the most stylish skiers out there. He's been putting out well rounded parts from the streets to the backcountry for the best part of a decade and I can't think of a single shot of him that's anything but stomped, clean, and going huge. And always on those trademark, heavily rockered Movement planks. They are almost 'his ski'. As he's a big NS favorite, when we woke up to the news that he's moving on from his long-term home at the swiss brand, it got us wondering, where can we see him going next? And is that black square a hint?

It's certainly a big step for the boy from the Portes Du Soleil and we look forward to seeing what's to come:

"Movement Skis played such an important role in my skiing career over the last 10 years 🤝. It started at 14 years old, when I begged my parents to buy me my first twin tip skis.🟥🟨🟩

A few years later, when they contacted me, it felt fully natural to represent a Swiss ski brand based 30mn from my house.

I joined as a competition rider 10 years ago & I am leaving today with most of my dreams achieved with their support along the way. 🙌

I’m so thankful for their trust during my transition into filming, in all different projects like Gpsy Feelin - Level 1 - From 🇨🇭 With ❤️ -Simply, & in the creation of my pro model.

My vision evolved, opportunities came & I decided to end our partnership for some new challenges & dreams.◼️

I want to thank Movement Skis for those 10 years of support & good times ✌🏻 " - Laurent DeMartin