Last day in Norway, tomorrow around 0500 I will drive my girlfriend Hanna to the airport, she is going to London for the weekend, an I'll continue down to Gothenburg and Borås.I think I set the new world record in packing earlier today, around seven minutes to pack more or less my whole life together, felt good to get it done, doesn't feel as good to have all of the cleaning left though...I'm really looking forward to spend some time with my family and friends down in Borås/Gothenburg, has been a long time since I did that. Hopefully I'll miss the rush-hours tomorrow morning thru Oslo, they can be terrible. Also looking forward to spend some time in the car, both to my hometown and to Austria, I like driving, I find it really relaxing and fun. Ok, really long distances might not be that fun but at least it's relaxing, chillin' and litesning to music. Good times.I better get going with the cleaning so I can cook dinner and go to sleep.