These are my last few hours of being unemployed. I am a little sad. As much as I have hated being broke and frustrated and distraught at times, I have also loved the times where I was relaxed. It was so nice having no responsibility. I was thinking about getting a second job but I think I am going to stick with one. This will be my first year not working at a ski resort (unless I am able to move back to Mammoth). Working full time and having a second job just doesn't seem like a good idea at this point. I keep forgetting that I am registered for 2 management courses this winter. 2 jobs + 2 classes + fitting in the winter would be far too much. I'll probably be fairly broke for a while, but hopefully it keeps the stress level down. I need to keep the mindset that I can only do so much. Full time job + 8 units is plenty to keep me busy for the next 4 months. Hopefully after winter quarter I'll be able to move somewhere different. I would love to go back to LA immediately, but at the same time I am in the last stretch of freedom for the next 2 and a half years. I would still like to try New York for a few months. March to Mid September would be perfect, 6 months of big city life. Although it would pretty much take me out of ASI for 6 months which is a huge loss considering I'm at my prime industry age here. So much confusion. Must stay focused. Tangent: Mammoth opens tomorrow, and I wont be there, disappointing for me; I should be there. Tangent 2.0: I want my a new winter jacket. Holden has my favorite as of this moment. Ugh... $300 though? I need a Corporate full time job. How much time must a girl do? 3 years retail, 8 seasons in ski resorts, and a college degree later... hopefully another 2 years in retail, a second degree, and an internship will be enough. One more hour of freedom before I go to bed, what ever should I do?