words by Jeff Schmuck

photos by Matt Murray & Jeff Schmuck

The skiing portion of the Jon Olsson Super Sessions is complete. The weather finally took a turn for the worse yesterday, as it began to lightly rain on the mountain after a week straight of sunshine and bluebird skies.

Despite the drizzling, a few of the boys braved the elements and made their way up the mountain for one last crack at getting some shots on the Rhythm Section, while others took the bad weather as an opportunity to film some lifestyle footage for their segments.

Sammy Carlson

Colby West showed off his workhorse effort by being the first to arrive, and was eventually followed by Andreas Hatveit, Jacob Wester, Oscar Scherlin, Sammy Carlson and Simon Dumont, who during one line double front flipped all three jumps.

Jacob Wester

Simon Dumont

Today was scheduled to be the last day of sessioning but unfortunately the bad weather continued, forcing the cancellation of this morning’s shoot on either the stepdown or hip, the only two features that were not hit twice this week.

Nate Abbott shoots Sammy Carlson

The day off was welcomed by most of the crew, particularly the filmers and photographers, who are now hunkered down in their rooms editing away in time for tomorrow morning's deadline of 8am.

Sammy Carlson with his filmer Dom Janiszewski & photographer Nate Abbott

Jacob Wester, his girlfriend Sofia and his filmer Andreas Olofsson and photographer Ben Zucker

I’ve had the chance to see portions of some of the edits and it’s safe to assume that everyone in attendance at tomorrow night’s awards ceremonies and wrap-up party will be absolutely blown away by the footage. Poorboyz’ Johnny Decesare put it best during this morning’s press conference by calling the footage that was filmed only in the past week as amazing as any full segment he’s seen filmed in a year.

Johnny Decesare editing Jon Olsson's video

The immense amount of work that all of the competitors have put into this competition in such a condensed amount of time has been extremely impressive, and the results of their hard work will surely pay off tomorrow night. And although everyone has been hitting the same features, the edits are going to be remarkably different with some going for a straight ski porn feel (Sammy Carlson), while others will have serious (Mike Clarke) and humorous (Jon Olsson and Peter Olenick) storylines.

The level of skiing, filming and photography here has been like nothing anyone has ever seen and the event as a whole has been the sickest and most progressive contest in the history of the sport. It’s a shame that the skiing is now done and that the event will be over tomorrow, however all good things must come to an end and everyone in Are is counting the hours until the videos are shown. Stay tuned for a full report from the awards ceremony and the afterparty that Jon says will make the rock party look tame.