Just wanted to drop everyone a quick reminder that registration for the granddaddy freeskiing competition of them all, the US Open, ends this Thursday, December 6th at http://www.usfreeskiingopen.com. Each and every year this event either sells out or registration passes right on by before the groms of the ski world have a chance to enter, so consider this is your official warning. 

This year’s registration is a bit different, as the good people at the Open decided to give everyone more of a fair shot at scoring themselves a spot by instigating a lottery system. The cost is $5 per entry and come the end of this week, winners will be selected randomly by their system and given a spot.

So if you’ve haven’t registered already, head on over and get er done at their site, so you too can have the chance to have the week of your life standing next to your heroes in the start gate as you try to become the next TJ Schiller or PK Hunder.

Of course, not everyone who enters the lottery will land themselves a spot, and that’s where NS comes in…

Following the announcement of the lottery winners, we at NS are stepping up to the plate to offer all of you two last chances to gain entrance to the event.

First, following the success of last year’s event, we are currently in the process of organizing another last chance qualifier at Echo Mountain in January where the top three skiers will be given spots in the Open.

Second, because we’re crazy and we love you guys, we are going to host an extremely unique and one of a kind "online slopestyle" video contest on the site, where the top three winners will be decided by you, our loyal members.

Details on the video contest and dates for the Echo Mountain event are still TBA, so hang tight, stay tuned, and get your ass over the http://www.usfreeskiingopen.com to cover all your bases.


The NS Staff