I loaded up the trailer late monday morning after my 3am alarm didnt wake me up. I finally made it to Salt Lake monday night and was hoping to leave mid day tuesday. The only problem we had at the time was we had no drop in. Luke and Tim said somehow they would make one in a day, so three hours before we were supposed to leave, they got it done...Eventually we made it out of Salt Lake at around 530 pm. Tim and Luke didnt seem to be aware of the distance it really was from Utah to Minnesota, so they pulled out the atlas and pretty much wanted to commit suicide when they saw how far 1400 miles really is. Eventually we got comfortable and spent some quality car time together.

Just Chillin in the car.
Tim Wayyyy out of it
Luke just as out of itThe drive was super long and got extremely boring. Thankfully most of the drive threw nebraska was in the middle of the night. The wind started to pick up in Nebraska, which made the driving tough, and with a trailer cut the MPGs to near 8. Also the wind was creating extremely cold temperatures. Once we reached Omaha it was near -20. Stepping out of the car was a shock.
Southern Iowa is supperrrrr boring
It was really cold and this factory was still working.
Finally we made it to Minnesota. The land of 10,000 KinksAfter about 20 hours, we finally made it to the minnesota boarder. We were beyond stoked on our arrival. We had to make one last gas stop. When we got out of the car the wind chill reaching -40 immediately hit us. Taking a deep breath outside at that temperature burns the lungs.
FInal gas station. The -40 degree cold didnt stop me from reppin the bball shortsAfter 21 hours of driving we made it to our first stop in Minnesota. We scoped a couple of rails we wanted to hit. After we settled into our hotel room, which had the sickest hot tub ever, we headed out to our first urban. We set it up and then we tried to start the generator. The wind chill at this point was around -55, which meant this task was going to be nearly impossible. It was no where close to turning over and after trying for 30 minutes we decided to give up and call it a night. We woke up the next morning at around 9 to some nice warm temperatures...
Thankfully the forecast was looking for some warmer temperatures!
Luke and Bentley being GAfter a morning session we headed out to the twin cities area. When we got there we called up Bill Hickey to show us around and take couple of stills. We arrived and immediately headed to a super gnarly and steep double kink. The first of many in Minnesota.
Tim Hiking the first rail we hit in the twin cities...
Skier: Tim McChesney, Luke watching. Photo Bill Hickey
Skier: Tim McChesney Photo: Bill HickeyAfter Tim and Luke stomped this monster DFD with a fence in the landing, we headed out to meet up with Brandon Husak, the B Film Media guy. He agreed to be our guide for the trip and showed us everywhere we wanted to. Probably one of the coolest guys I have met in the ski industry. We headed over to another sick double kink and sessioned that for a couple hours before getting booted out. We headed back to our hotel in St Paul, which happened to have an indoor water park inside of it, which was pretty sweet. We woke up the next morning hoping for wamer temperatures. The weather was supposed to warm up throughout the day; however, at the moment it definitely was not warm...
After getting lost on the crazy twin cities freeway system, we finally found ourselves in a random place in Wisconsin. Waiting for us there, was a perfect down bar that both Tim and Luke Slayed.
Tim K FeddinAfter a couple hours of slaying that down bar we decided to grab some food. Since Brandon was so sick for showing us around, I decided to buy him dinner at Chilis. After that dinner we headed out to a quad kink for a quick night session. Brandon decided to throw a little twist in it and was offering a white castle burger for the first to get a shot. Tim ended up winning this contest, but eventually regretted eating the white castle burger since it turned out being disgusting.On our third day we slept in a little after getting back to the hotel around 430am. We headed out to a DFD Elbow to get a few shots. Tim got a front up and Luke got some spins out.
Tim getting dirty on the DFD Elbow at Sunset
A viewer was stoked after Luke got a shot.At night we showed up to a perfect 60ish foot down rail. The rail was right off of a highway, but somehow we lasted a few hours there and not one of the 6 cops that drove by bothered us. The night was fun and lots of skiing went down.
Luke Standing on the ramp readyLocal Skier Steve Janisch even showed up to session the down bar with us.
Tim and Steve hiking the rail
Luke just being a ballerAfter getting everyone got some shots and threw various switch ups, hitting the rail both ways, Luke decided to goof around a little bit and threw a front flip off a tiny bomb drop that just impressed everyone.On our final day we headed over to a pretty gnary DFD. We showed up and immediately noticed that the left rail was completely busted, but that didnt stop us from hitting the left one by lipping or hitting it left foot forward.
Red Bull's are essential on urban trips, and Luke is enjoying this one
Luke Lip 2 out
Walkin away after a legit session
Snowing on the final Day
St. PaulAfter a quick session on that steep DFD, we headed to another double kink. Tim and Luke were really struggling to get the tricks they wanted on the rail. I decided to throw them an offer. I would pay them 10 if they stomped the shot, but for every attempt it took them my off would go down 2 dollars. On Lukes third attempt he got his trick motivating Tim to do the exact same. After that it was time for us to drive home...
Special thanks to Brandon Husak from B Film Media
Tim Sleeping on the ride homeIn the end it was the most successful trip I have ever been on. I don't think any of us could be any happier on the shots that we got. Stay tuned for our next update from either Tahoe or Colorado or both! Take it easy everyone and thank you to everyone that helped out!!!-Bentley Atteberry