After years of "tits or gtfo", a forum specifically for pinknames has emerged on Newschoolers. With an influx of female rights promotion on the site as seen in SG thread "Hey guys, there's something in skiing that needs to change..., the decision was made to add a women-only forum.

Shortly after a new proposition, the ladies gathered to vote on our new space. A few days later Lady Gabber was born. So far the forum has experienced great success, including an influx of pinknames who previously posted infrequently. Although the forum is open to public viewing, only women have the ability to post.

So Ladies, Join the Discussion!:

And both men and women, what do you think about the addition of the forum? Share your thoughts here-


"The plethora of posts I've made since this forum came into existence shows how excited I am, but seriously. I'm way more excited about NS than I've ever been." - NSwidow

"I couldn't be more happy about it!" -JoJo-y

"Pretty sure I've posted more since this forum was created than I have in the last month." -B.Aussie