When I went to Laax for the european open about a week ago.I arrived the little town and had no idea where I was staying.I went up to a hotel called Riders Palace, thats usually where everybody is staying. I couldn´t find anybody in the lobbyso I went out and enjoyed the warm sun. After 5 minutes into my tanning sesh Jacob and LJ walked by.They were going to a rail setup at the bottom of the hill,I had nothing better to do so I dragged my ski bag and my bagup to the rail set up, got my ski gear on and then the session was on.I just realized yesterday that I actually have some shot´s from that.I just put my camera on my packback and after a while it got really dark.Not the best shots so I didn´t think it was even worth editing. Here it is. laax from PK Hunder on Vimeo.