Is was a very successful weekend for the Amplid team: After a sensational victory of Mcrae Williams on day I at the Modena Skipass Show, newcomer Luka Melloni from Spain wins the Shogun Freeski. The final has been battled out by 10 riders – 5 invited and 5 qualified guys ? while the best out of 2 runs counted. Amplid rider Mcrae Williams (USA) who won the Burn Best Trick the day before ended up 4th with a dub switch 10. Pako Benguerell (ESP) got 3rd place with a very high bio 10 r-farmute. Luka Melloni (ESP) secured his pricemoney by sticking a perfect tail 9.

Top 5 results:

1. Luka Melloni                  ESP

2. Markus Eder                  ITA

3. Pako Benguerell           ESP

4. McRae Williams           USA

5. Raffaele Cusini             ITA

Here is a short interview with Amplid teamrider and winner Luka Melloni:

Luka – how was the contest ?

It has been my second time this year, participating at the SKIPASS contest. I love Italy, friendly people incredible food. And: A very good contest, perfect organisation. Except the weather: It was raining the entire day, the landing therefore was quite soft, I was one the few ones sticking his tricks.

Happy  for the victory ?

I am very stoked. The level was pretty good, I didn?t expect to win. Nice surprise obviously !

What ski have you been riding ?

I am always on the Syntax, it#s the best ski I ever rode. The lightest bitch one can imagine, lots of pop, I love it.

What will you do with all that money you are winning ?

All the money I win gets reinvested in skiing. I am doing lots of trips during the winter, and more money simply means more trips.

What are your plans for this coming season ? contests, movies, ??

Next will be the SWEET RUMBLE up in Norway, in 3 weeks from now. Then when I get back hopefully the winter has started here in Spain. I am really looking forward to do the Austrian and the European Open, later a trip to Utah and Colorado, perhaps doing a Dew Tour stop. We will be shooting with Boston Enjoy for ?We are a Family II?, and I gues with the footage we will also cut a Phil Park Edit.

What is PhilPark ?

PhilPark is our a clothing brand I am doing together with Javi Fondevila. We are doing lots of super-oversized stuff, hoodies, beanies, caps. Just started to sponsor guys like John Spriggs, Nick Martini, Dale Talkington and others. Next step will be establishing a snowboard team as well, and setting up the distribution. Spain, Andorra, Italy and Japan is already set up. Just check it out in

Where do you see freeskiing go in the near future and where do you see yourself ?

Man freeskiing will go so far, we can?t imagine yet. This is only the beginning. We are pushing the limit every day, further and further, the level is already crazy and will be even more crazy soon ! I am following my own way of skiing, working on my style and express my soul with this sport.

Luka, thank you for your time.