Hey all!

We've now released the teaser for our upcoming movie: "Get Lucky".

Field Productions is proud to present “Get Lucky”. A Norwegian ski movie that includes every aspect in modern extreme skiing: Park/BC/Big mountain and Urban. We have gathered many of the best athletes on the planet to give you the most exciting and varied ski movie possible. Filmed in HD with heli, cranes, dollys, cable and follow cams. “Get Lucky” and the behind the scenes documentary will give you a detailed insight in our whole season, describing how the luck treated us from time to time.

Rider list: PK Hunder, Tom Wallisch, Jon Larsson, Seb Garhammer, Even Sigstad, Torgrim Vole, Espen Linnerud, Anders Backe, Aleksander Aurdal, Christopher Frankum, Jørgen Willumsen, Eirik Finseth, Aksel Lund Svindal and more.

Locations: Strandafjellet, Sunnmøre, Oppdal, Filefjell, Folgefonna, Strynefjellet, Trysil - Norway, Haines - Alaska, European alps, Streets of Norway and more.

Produced and filmed by: Filip Christensen

Additional filmers: Espen Kristiansen, Fred Arne Wergeland, Mo Garhammer, Jan Petter Aarskog, Petter Foshaug, Christian Aass

Available in USA, Europe and Japan through VAS Entertainment.

DVD release in end of September 2008.

Check the teaser here:


Hope you like it..