Newschoolers! It’s LJ, I haven’t really done any updates this year and after an

outrageous trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to visit my sister Jacki and friends last month, I

thought it was definitely time to make one. I had been planning on making a

trip up there all season and just hadn’t gotten around to it but with a week

long period of nothing to do and what turned out to be “the best snow week of

the season” being forecasted, I knew I had to road trip.

            With April just a few days away I

made the four hour drive from SLC to Jackson where Jackson’s marketing director

Tristan was nice enough to provide me with tickets for the week. Jacki,

Photographer Julie Weinberger as well as fellow east coasters, Lisa and Sarah

let me crash on their couch while there.

Jacki and

Lisa reppin NEN crew.

            The first day was amazing with

locals Kerry Klauder and Andrew Franklin showing me around. I got my first

taste of Jackson and with some snow from the day before leftover we got plenty

of great turns. Jackson, I found, is full of the best terrain I have ever skied

and Jackson locals SEND IT.

Andrew is

REALLY good on snowblades


sending it!

            The Second day was even better than

the first with a bunch of fresh snow and even more areas of the mountain to be

explored. Jackson is super steep making every area great for deep snow which we

continued to get throughout the week. After shooting another Jackson local

sending a 40 footer into a narrow couloir with a mandatory air at the bottom,

Julie met up with us and got some pictures.

Jackson is a

buffet of cliffs and fun terrain


ripping through Space Walk

The third

day was possibly the deepest day of the week and my park skiing muscles were

having trouble keeping up with everyone. After an early wake-up we got to the

mountain to find the tram line empty and we hopped the first one no problem.

The snow was some of the deepest I’ve ever skied and everyone was slaying it as

well as having a good time as they continued to show me more and more of the

mountain. One of my favorite sections is a snow field that filters into a cliff

section with some amazing chutes to ski. Moon Walk, an easily accessible but

somewhat rarely skied line was my favorite and we shredded it multiple times,

everyone ripping turns through it.

Space Walk

on the right with the normally mandatory air filled in because of all the snow.

Despite the

amazing powder, many still came prepared for gapper day, which in Jackson is

apparently taken pretty seriously.

First chair

aboard the infamous Jackson Tram

Julie continued

to snap bangers as we continued to ski the ever deepening snow. The fourth and

final day, April 2nd, was the best powder day I’ve ever had. We woke

up early once again to empty lines and SUPER deep snow. Julie and I headed to the

ever popular corbit’s couloir to get first tracks through it . I had found out

that among other things, Jacki’s main goal for the season was to ski Corbit’s.

After getting off work later that afternoon, she agreed to scope it. After

Kerry ripped through, on his first decsent of it. Jacki went for it. Though the

weather wasn’t great and it was beginning to get skied off Jacki SENT IT and stomped

the mandatory air into corbit’s reeping the amazingly deep snow that followed.

The rest of

the last day was indescribable and Julie got some amazing pictures as well as

putting down the camera to show she could RIP turns as well getting some face

shots of her own. Jackson Hole is insane and I can’t wait to go back at least a

few times next season (maybe a jibij team trip?) It was great to ski with

people that love skiing and don’t even ski the same types of features as you;

it made me realize how big our little sport really is and was a great break

from park. I gained a much greater respect for these guys and the type of

skiing they do and can’t wait to come back! Thanks to all the homies!

Jacki, 9/10s


Corbit’s is

so damn fun!

Apres ski

Julie takin

a little break from shooting

Kerry’s Head

Jacki and Me

reppin hard


getting it


Julie showed

me this which is LITERALLY right off the lift. I love Jackson