Bruising and swelling almost gone!
Squats in the ever-so-awesome pilates room at Gastown Physio & Pilates
These were first attempts and were quite difficult. I've stepped up since then. The ball between the feet makes your VMO's work hard.
First day at gym. 1 legged sit down squats. Railroad tracked out cut!
9mm's, 357 mag's n ShotgunsBack home in Vancouver I am now on my physiotherapy and pilates program at Gastown Physio & Pilates. Day 8 I saw the biggest difference in my knee for swelling and bruising to disperse. My main dilemma with the recovery thus far has been the healing of the incision above my knee cap. My dilemma with this is because it doesn’t allow me to bend my knee to its full potential. I bring it to its literal breaking point (Before it splits open again and all the stitches rip out) which is just past 80degrees. This has been holding me back from getting on a bike. Just yesterday I was very slowly able to get in a few spins. Getting mobility in the knee is key at this point, I really want to be getting a smooth flexion in the knee joint. Everything at this point is still pretty mellow. You can’t push it too hard, too soon. Allowing time to heal, letting swelling go down is key before you start getting after it. Week 3, which i’m finishing right now have been my biggest improvements with overall strength and confidence.

Comparing my week 2 from my last surgery (hamstring graph & medial meniscus stitch) I was still in pain, using meds, my VMO muscle had disappeared along with my quad muscle. The progression with this surgery is blowing my mind. Every day is leaps and bounds of progress.

Week 2 focus:

Constant Ice/Compression/Elevating of the knee to make swelling disperse. (Gameready machine is KEY!)

Quad muscle re-strengthening – Air squats – 1 leg squats – sit down leg press – 1 leg balancing exercises (leaping from 1 foot to the other and holding a power position)

Hamstring exercises


Recumbent bike riding

20 minute walks with 1 crutch/cane

Gun Range – no crutch