And just like that, with less than two weeks notice, I had a plane ticket to China. The main goal was to meet with current First Drop factories and interview new ones, but being my first time in China, sightseeing was also a priority of course.

I planned my trip to China with a day layover in Seoul, Korea so I could check out another new country on the way. Leaving Denver, I headed to LA and then to Seoul, flying over Siberia.

My first view of Korea.

I grabbed a bus, and then a cab with some locals to head to the heart of Seoul.

I checked into a room, ditched my bag, and hit the streets.

I was quick to grab some traditional street food as I adventured. Quite delicious.

Lots of live, delicious things you can pick out and have served up right in front of you. For the most part, everything is cooked whole, with bones and head intact.

Oh Korea, home to the marvelous brand Hyundai. Lots of them here…

After lots of walking, I stumbled into the electronic district chock full of young people.

Grabbed some more street food… wondered how my stomach would handle it.... feeling good, nice.

I came across some commotion. Turns out they were hosting some sort of Korean version of American Idol, quite the scene.

A man and his friend the statue, which is which?

I saw a familiar tower in the distance, so I grabbed a cab and pointed towards it.

It had been a long few days of traveling and walking, so I headed back to the hotel room to grab some much needed shut-eye.

Unfortunately, when I tried my key in the door, no dice. The manager gave me another key to try, no dice. Finally he came back with me to the room with literally hundreds of keys. None of those worked either, and as time passed, I wondered how I would get my stuff out of the room for my flight the next day…

After much failure of him trying to break in, I asked him if I could give it a go. I guess it just needed a little American gusto, because I made quick work of the lock. This was after some time of him absolutely destroying the door though… finally, some rest.

The next day, I grabbed some food, a cab, and a bus and made my way to the airport.

Next stop, China. More to follow...