Seven of the 28 freestyle skiers who qualified tonight have moved on to the finals of the King of Style. The final at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium takes place tomorrow Saturday at 4:30pm Sweden time (7:30am PST/10:30am EST), and you can watch a live broadcast of the event by clicking here.

After four qualifying jumps per skier on the 35-meter high ramp, where the two best jumps counted, it stood clear who the seven were to be qualified for the finals in this year's King of Style. The seven skiers are: Gus Kenworthy Oscar Harlaut, Kai Mahler, Jesper Tjäder, Tom Granier, James Woods and PK Hunder. These seven will now move on to tomorrow's finals where they will meet pre-qualified athletes Bobby Brown, Jacob Wester, Jon Olsson, Elias Ambühl and Jossi Wells, where all 12 skiers will have three jumps where the best two count, and after the first two jumps the start order will be changed, where the skier with the lesser score jumps first. Here's a look at the full results from today's qualification round...

Qualification Results

1) Gus Kenworthy

2) Oscar Harlaut

3) Kai Mahler

4) Jesper Tjäder

5) Tom Granier

6) James Woods

7) PK Hunder


8) Anttu Oikkonen

9) Oscar Wester

10) Oscar Scherlin

11) Nick Goepper

12) Simon Ericson

13) Frej Jönsson

14) Espen Bergh

15) Fridtjof Fredricsson

16) Ole Christian Mustad

17) Jeremy Pancras

18) Roy Kittler

19) Niclas Karlsson

20) Gaute Silseth

21) Morten Grape

22) Kim Boberg

23) Erik Lundmark

24) Tobias Sedlacek

Stay tuned for a live broadcast of tomorrow's King of Style finals, beginning at 4:30pm Sweden time (7:30am PST/10:30am EST).