The best way to round off the winter, Kimbo Sessions, is officially back after a two year, Covid-enforced, hiatus.

With this year’s session starting on Sunday the 1st of May, until Friday the 6th I was able to drag Kim away from his preparations to grab a word with the mastermind.

In spring 2014, Kläppen, a Swedish ski resort, let Armada shoot in their park. “It was too good to not keep doing.” Kimbo Sessions has run in the snowpark in Kläppen, Sweden, the next year they invited a bigger crew, not just Armada, and Kimbo Sessions was born.

Last held in 2019, it expanded from 30 riders to 70. While the numbers increased, Kim says there’s not too much point in adjusting the format:

“It’s pretty good with how it is. A week of freeriding in a private park. The difficulties are just the numbers. It’s sometimes a struggle to keep the stress levels down!”

Kim worked to make it happen in 2020, but had to shut it down and the pandemic was still in full swing last year. So Kim’s just grateful Kimbo Sessions can happen in 2022

Although the pandemic hasn’t made it easy, thanks to his hard work, the session kicks off this Sunday. There won’t be any major changes, “just a few new people.”

No one wants to miss the session and this year, PK Hunder and Parker White will join the crew.

After a good snow year, Kim tells me the park is looking good. Take a look at the crew below, we should see a Session to make up for the two missed years.

Riders for Kimbosessions 2022

PK Hunder

Parker White

Magnus Granér

Kristoffer Edwall


Henrik Harlaut

Torin Yater Wallace

Ferdinand Dahl

Hugo Burvall

Noah Albaladejo

Cody LaPlant

Oliver Karlberg

Joss Christensen

Eirik Moberg

Anton Linden

James Woods

Magz Nörsteng

Harald hällström

Matej Svancer

Alex Hackel

Dani Bacher

Pär Hägglund

Alex Ferreira

Benjamin Carlund

Charlie Lasser

Isaac Simon

Joel Magnusson

Freddie Grann

Joona Kangas

Emil Granbom

Öystein Bråten

Vilmer Ivarsson

Jens Nilsson

Maximilliam Smith

Colby Stevenson

Olivia Asselin

Quinn Wolferman

Bella Bacon

Tormod Frostad

Anni Karava

Birk Ruud

Johanne Killi

Tall T Dan

Cody Wilderay

Margaux Hackett

Jake Mageau

Jonas Bergström

Melvin Moren

Samuel Ålander

Phil Casabon

Johan Lilja

Watch out and we’ll grab upates from Kim next week.