Words and photos from Killington by Ben Johnson

The most anticipated rail jam of the season is in the books, shoutout Killington for continuing to host this gem. Rails 2 Riches is over for another year but the hammers thrown down will not soon be forgotten. The KParks team put together an A-1 set up that was just begging to be torn apart, and the riders delivered. Recap videos are sure to be flying out soon but until then here’s a brief tease for you greasers.

The setup

Like last year, the snow came in hot, heavy and without much warning so there was a lot of squinting during finals. But once again, it didn’t seem to slow anyone down. Dale Talkington took best trick with a gaseous front 3 up continuing two on the wall to down rail. It was no surprise that Emile Bergeron came in with a strong second place, lacing up a 4 pretz 2 and 4 pretz 4 on the gap to down rail. Jacob Belanger easily took home the unofficial style award with a backslide safety on the down rail; but at the end of the day Sandy Boville took home first again with more tricks than one man can possibly count.

Men’s Top Three:

1. Sandy Boville

2. Emile Bergeron

3. Brian Gardiner

Men’s Best Trick:

Dale Talkington: Front 3 up continuing two on the wall to down rail

Women’s Top Three:

1. Marian Balsimo

2. Brooke Potter

3. Shondra Charbonneau

Women’s Best Trick:

Brooke Potter

Qualifying Raw Highlight Reel: